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Koen Bessemans demonstrates AluRack roof rack system
Prime Design managing director Koen Bessemans demonstrates AluRack roof rack system

PRIME Design were at the CV Show demonstrating its range of roof rack systems – designed to help you keep the weight off the top of your van roof and your back!

The AluRack van racking system is made from lightweight but strong aluminium and features a patented ‘S-clamp’.

The S-clamp, with gas-assisted handle to minimise effort, secures ladders firmly in place on the AluRack roof rack.  It also helps position the ladder when loading back onto the roof.

“The AluRack is our top end system for lightest weight and ease of use,” commented Koen Bessemans, managing director of Prime Design.

“We also have our ErgoRack system, which is also designed from aluminium. We find many van operators come to us looking for an ergonomic solution from a duty of care perspective – particularly when they are working for a bigger company which requests higher standards – and the ErgoRack works well for them.”

Koen said the Prime Design van racking systems ranged from £270 for the basic ErgoRack ladder fitting upwards depending on van height and chosen system.

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