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An easy new way to get into bed from Auto Styling Truckman
The Bedslide 1000 makes for easy access to the pick-up's load area

FED up with crawling around the bed of your pick-up trying to retrieve equipment, tools or parts that are out of reach? Wouldn’t it be handy if you could slide out the pick-up bed for easier access?

Well, now you can. UK 4×4 and pick-up accessory manufacturer and distributor Auto Styling Truckman has introduced the innovative Bedslide, which considerably improves access to pick-up truck beds. The Bedslide 1000 Sliding Tray, which is available for six different pick-up models, transforms the truck bed into an easy access drawer.

The Bedslide has been designed to hold up to half a ton of cargo safely and securely with four-inch perimeter side rails and a rubberised skid-proof deck. It’s said to be easy to install and operate. The unit has an ‘easy-glide’ action owing to its construction from laser-cut former steel, and multiple locking positions for safety and convenience.

The Bedslide 1000 Sliding Tray is available for the Ford Ranger Mk5, Great Wall Steed Mk1, Toyota Hilux Mk6, Mitsubishi L200 Mk4, Isuzu D-Max Mk4, and Nissan Navara Mk2.

Mike Wheeler, managing director of AutoStyling Truckman, told Business Vans: “While a large pick-up truck bed is a real advantage for transporting equipment such as tools, it can make easy access to cargo at the rear of the bed less convenient. The Bedslide is one of those simple innovations that can make a real difference to pick-up truck owners by preventing the need to crawl around to get to their tools or supplies.

“With pick-up trucks becoming increasingly popular for commercial applications in sectors such as construction, civil engineering, energy and agriculture, it is essential to deliver more innovative and effective secure storage and transportation solutions such as hardtops and Bedsides, which can meet the requirements of business van users working in these industries.”

The Bedslide 1000 is available exclusively in the UK from and retails at £678 including VAT.

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