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Tree surgeons and line workers who need overhead access from rough ground will be interested in this D-Max ‘cherry picker’ conversion

A FULLY warranted ‘cherry picker’ conversion for the Isuzu D-Max was on show at the CV Show (29 April).

Featuring a telescopic boom that enables a maximum working height of 13.2m, the conversion is the work of CPL.

The converted Isuzu D-Max with A314 telescopic boom comes with full Isuzu five year/125,000 mile warranty and can be operated from ground level.

“The conversion has been specially developed for the utility and arborist industries,” commented Simon Cope from CPL.

“All external tracking has been removed so that you can work within the tree canopy without fear of damaging the hoses.”

The maximum basket load is 225kg and the boom can be rotated 360 degrees. The weight of the converted D-Max mobile elevating working platform is 3.5 tonnes so there’s no need for an O licence.

CPL also produces conversions based on the Land Rover Defender and Toyota Hilux.

But the cherry picker wasn’t the only converted D-Max on display by Isuzu. There was also a converted fire tender.

Isuzu D-Max BRV
Isuzu D-Max BRV fire tender – converted by Pickup Systems – for use in rural applications where the Isuzu’s four-wheel drive and high ground clearance come into play

Converted by Pickup Systems,  the Isuzu D-Max Brigade Response Vehicle (BRV) has been developed to complement vehicles already operated by Fire and Rescue.

Isuzu told us that the flexible platform, four-occupant cabin and high-capacity water tanks means the Isuzu D-Max BRV is capable of dealing with up to 90 per cent of all 999 calls that require the fire or rescue services. It’s particularly useful for rural applications where its size, agility and four-wheel drive system come into play.

For those firefighters in us, the Isuzu D-Max BRV is fitted with a Hale HPX 75 B18 single-stage pump (3.5 Bar) with bespoke rear-mounted control panel, a 55-metre 19-millimetre hosepipe, complete with electric wind-back reel, and a water tank capable of holding up to 310 litres.



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