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Here’s a sample still of the video viewer on BCA’s website. Click

BUYERS looking for just the right van at auction now have a very useful extra visual aid – an all-round view of the vehicle on video.

British Car Auctions (BCA), has launched the service which is available to anyone planning on buying a used van at one of the firm’s auctions.

For a small business looking to buy a used LCV, this service offers a ‘virtual tour’ of the vans BCA is offering for sale

The service is accessed through BCA’s online catalogues and offers potential buyers a 360 degree view of both the exterior and interior of vans for sale, helping them to select their target buy before setting off for the auction.

Alongside the video each van’s web entry includes detailed still images, with the facility to zoom in for a closer view of the vehicle’s condition.

According to Duncan Ward, BCA’s Head of Commercial Vehicle sales, the service will save buyers time and potentially money. “For a small business or trader looking to buy a used LCV, this service offers a ‘virtual tour’ of the vans BCA is offering for sale,” he said.

“Buyers can take a close look at the condition and specification before the sale starts. They can check out potential vehicles and choose a van that really suits their needs.”

Ward believes that combined with BCA’s Assured mechanical report – carried out by an independent motoring organisation – the new video service offers real peace of mind to customers, and adds that the firm got the idea from a completely different sales market.

“BCA has taken a well-proven concept from other sectors such as property and reinvented it as part of the vehicle cataloguing process – technological innovation is helping our customers to choose the right vehicle for their business before they even arrive at the auction,” he said.

More details of the service and a sample video can be found here.


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