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ACCORDING to figures released by British Car Auctions (BCA), average values for light commercial vehicles fell slightly to £5,544 in July from £5,587 in June, a fall of £43 (0.7%) over the month.

This was in contrast to year-on-year values, which were ahead by £46 (0.8%) with age remaining static, but mileage declining in 2015.  This performance was down two points against CAP values last year at 99.49%.

Values for fleet and lease LCVs averaged £6,280 in July – a fall of £167 (2.6%) compared to June.  CAP performance fell by over two points to 99.03% from 101.26% in June and retained value against MRP (Manufacturer Recommended Price) declined by a point to 34.2%. Year-on-year, values were down by £184 (2.8%), with performance against MRP down by one and a half points.

BCA’s Head of Commercial Vehicles, Duncan Ward, commented on this news: “As we said last month, we expected to see some pressure on average values between now and the new registration plate in September.

“Not only have volumes risen in the wholesale markets with some questions over poor condition stock, the new van market is very buoyant and there are some very tempting deals about.

“Buyers have more choice now than they have experienced at any time this year and are understandably focussing on the best presented vehicles.”

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