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Vauxhall Movano at the Millbrook proving ground

Driver training for a CPC: saves fuel long-term

Driver training helps cut fuel wastage

LABOUR’S long-term “war on motorists is over”, says our Tory-LibDem government.

Yet petrol and diesel risk remaining highly-taxed in the foreseeable future.

Fuel is currently costing an average of of 121.5p per litre (unleaded) and 122.9p per litre for diesel (source: AA fuel report). But there is another way to avoid some of the hefty costs at the fuel pumps, according to the Driver Education Research Foundation (DERF).

“Lift your foot off the throttle. Every driver can cut fuel use by 15 to 20% if they really try,” said DERF’s training guru Professor Peter Russell. “And what’s more, economic ecological driving is a proven money saver.”

A 90-minutes at-the-wheel eco-test, establishing a business car driver’s true fuel economy and crash avoidance skills in all road conditions, is available throughout the UK.

Its ‘prize’ is a coveted Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC), the toughest-yet test of vehicle control for experienced car and van drivers. Costing £160 it proves a driver:-

  • Cuts fuel consumption to at least 15% below the vehicle’s official mpg average;
  • Reduces damage incident risks and vehicle wear-tear by up to 60%;
  • Merits maximum vehicle insurance discount.

Created by the UK’s Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council in Staffordshire and Driver Education Research Foundation in Surrey, the test is targeting over 20m UK business and private drivers.

DERF director Professor Russell, added: “Those who pass are the top 10% of UK drivers. They amortise test cost in weeks to then become big money savers for their employers or themselves.”

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