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POTHOLES could cost Britain’s van drivers thousands in damage repair bills during the winter months.

With the number of potholes set to rise over the next three months, van leasing giant Leasevan.co.uk has revealed the shock costs.

It found the average price to fix a pothole damaged van was over £400 while nearly one in 10 drivers were forced to pay more than £1000.

While drivers can claim on their insurance for damage caused by pothole strikes, research found that two-thirds of van owners would rather pay for it themselves instead of letting it affect their premium.

Van drivers also face bigger repair bills than other motorists as on average they have to fork out an extra £100 due to heavy loads carried in the back of many vans further compounding damage to the suspension, shock absorbers and wheels after they hit a pothole.

Ice cold temperatures can lead to more potholes on Britain’s highways as freezing water gets into cracks and breaks up road surfaces.

Some of the country’s roads are already in poor condition and with winter incoming these may only get worse.

Tim Alcock from Leasevan.co.uk said: “Vans are one of the worse vehicles affected by pothole damage. Through no real fault of their own the unluckiest drivers may have to pay over a thousand pounds to get them fixed.

“It only takes a split second to hit one of the craters which could leave drivers with a damaged van and hundreds of pounds out of pocket.”


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