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Van sales: not so many of you buying in 2009

Business stays shy of renewing vans and pick-ups

VAN demand dropped sharply in 2009, though there were signs of recovery at the end of the year, according to 2009 sales figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Sales of light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes fell 35.6% in the full year to 186,386 vehicles, though the drop in December was only 14.3%, to 14,037 vehicles, as the scrappage scheme helped the market to recover. In the fourth quarter, LCV sales fell 11.7%, to 44,022 units.

“Business demand and consumer confidence remains low and the effects of recession will be slow to clear in key parts of the commercial vehicle markets. It is essential that government helps to sustain economic recovery by encouraging capital investment and more affordable finance,” said SMMT chief executive Paul Everitt.

Dec 09 % change 2009 total % change
Light vans
< 2t
2,035 -36.3% 34,167 -39.9%
4×4 utility vehicles 420 +88.3% 4,290 -10.8%
Pick-ups 989 +1.1% 18,870 -24.2%
Medium vans 1,437 -9.6% 22,707 -10.8%
Heavy vans 9,156 -11.9% 106,352 -40.1%
Total LCV <3.5t 14,037 -14.3% 186,386 -35.6%


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