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Money: Careful driving can save you money and more


If you want to apply the brake to fuel costs, there is an event which will slow your escalating costs.

The Fleet Safety Forum, a division of Brake, the road safety charity, is running an essential seminar for van fleet managers on eco-driving – how to save money with your right foot.

The seminar, sponsored by GreenRoad Technologies and entitled ‘Eco-driving: planning and implementing effective procedures’, takes place on Tuesday 15 May in Leeds.

It will give attendees an insight into making an eco-driving campaign work both theory and in practice, by bringing together a leading academic and consultant and a case study from a fleet operator.

Dr Michael Coyle, Director of Fuel Efficiency at M2 Training Limited will advise on how to implement a successful eco-driving campaign from planning to measuring success. He will also explain the benefits such as reduced fuel costs, fewer emissions, fewer collisions and lower insurance premiums.

Roslyn Cumming, development manager at Brake said: “Eco driving continues to be a hot topic; it’s a no-brainer for fleets, offering financial, environmental and safety benefits. It’s also a great opportunity to demonstrate to all stakeholders the action you’re taking to reduce your company’s impact on the environment.”

Aidan Rowsome, general manager at GreenRoad Europe added, “The rapid rate of innovation means that eco-driving is evolving at a rapid pace. This seminar will play an important role in bringing fleet managers up to speed with the latest developments, enabling them to understand, plan and evaluate new ways to improve fuel-economy.”

Attendance costs £80 + VAT for Brake subscribers, or £90 + VAT for non-subscribers.


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