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Transporter: Real time demonstration of speed limiter economy by Cobra UK on 2012 Mileage Marathon


With fuel still a major cost factor for van operators, Cobra UK will be running a real time demonstration of possible savings with a speed limiter when it enters a Volkswagen Tranporter in this year’s 2012 MPG Marathon in the autumn.

It aims to further educate van fleets of all shapes and sizes that by restricting speed, they will automatically reduce fuel use, reinforce their Duty of Care responsibilities and protect drivers from racking up points on their licences.

Cobra says companies will improve fuel consumption by between 15-40% through the use of speed limiters, greatly reducing the annual fuel spend. In turn reducing fuel use automatically reduces a vehicle’s emissions, improving its environmental footprint.

Cobra has already demonstrated a 37% reduction in fuel use through a published independent test with a Volkswagen Transporter van, giving annual fuel savings of £1,600 for a single vehicle covering 26,000 miles per annum.

“We welcome the opportunity to get involved in the MPG marathon as it enables us to reinforce the benefits of fitting a Cobra speed limiter under the controlled conditions of an economy run,” explained Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra UK.

“It will be interesting to see the final results in a Volkswagen van that is already extremely frugal,” he added.

With vans being fitted with ever larger and more powerful engines, Cobra sees a speed limiter as a useful deterrent against drivers breaking speed limits and as a visible demonstration of a company’s commitment to its Duty of Care obligations towards its employees.


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