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Electrical contractor, Devon Troskie, used DriverPlan to keep mobile in his van while suffering whiplash injuries

Devon Troskie: kept mobile with DriverPlan

DriverPlan keeps you mobile if you can’t drive

SMALL business owners and sole traders who need to travel around can now protect their livelihood with a driver’s insurance.

No longer will the event of injury, accident or the loss of their licence through the totting up process have catastrophic consequences for those trades who rely on their business vans for their livelihood.

DriverPlan Keycard insurance provides motorists with up to £30,000 worth of annual cover for around just a £1 a day – enough to hire chauffeur services, pay for train and taxi fares or any other means of transport to keep disruption to a minimum.

Should their vehicle be in an accident, be vandalised or stolen, DriverPlan also pays up to £75 per day for van or car hire, plus up to £2,500 per annum emergency funds.

Businesses can also receive substantial discounts if more than five employees are insured – and it’s possible to select levels of cover for each beneficiary, depending on how much they are reliant on being able to drive says DriverPlan.

Electrical contractor, Devon Troskie, who took out an Elite policy for peace of mind, commented: “If I wasn’t able to drive my van, I wouldn’t be able to keep my appointments and would lose business.”

Mr Troskie added: “I’ve been in business as a sole trader for more than six years and a few years ago suffered a whiplash injury in an accident. Fortunately, I was able to continue to get around, but it could have been so different.”

DriverPlan is run by financial broker Stuart Allen. The insurance is underwritten in the Isle of Man, and is now the focus of a major expansion as the number of motorists losing their licences continues to rise.

“The aim of the DriverPlan is to keep motorists as mobile as possible in both their business and personal lives should the ability to drive be lost temporarily,” Mr Allen said.

“It’s particularly relevant for business owners and people who rely on being able to drive in their occupation.”

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