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It may not look like an office…

IF you enjoy a pint or two in the pub after work on Friday evening, how great would it be if you could also get expert van advice at the same time?

Well, you could if you’re anywhere near Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire where leasing company White Hot Vans has branched out into another ‘office’ – at the local pub, or two.

Director Richard Bunn noticed that many tradespeople liked to visit the pub after work on a Friday night, having seen many vans parked outside the area’s watering holes.

He told Business Vans: “I always end up ‘chatting vans’ with any trades that I meet as soon as I explain what my job is, and they always ask for an honest opinion.

“So our idea is to give the sort of advice on vans and finance in the same way that we would if we were chatting over a pint, because that’s our approach to our customers.

“We have inside industry knowledge and no loyalty at all to any manufacturer, so we can give candid and transparent views on different vans without any brand allegiance,” he said.

Richard’s going to use the idea in video clips on his website:

“We didn’t want to lose our ‘non-corporate’ style and decided that the content might be more easily absorbed if we put it into an environment which our customers were happy with, such as pubs,” he said.

Now Richard is on a bit of a pub crawl, scouting out the most popular pubs for tradespeople in the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire region and hopes to find a number where both publicans and tradespeople will benefit.


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