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Fruit for London, one of the companies taking advantage of the move towards electric vans

IS YOUR company thinking about how it might take advantage of electric vans in the capital city?

 Why change to an electric van?

  • Potential for 75% fuel savings
  • Additional savings to London business fleets include congestion charge exemption
  • 100% capital allowances on zero emission goods vehicles

The benefits are lower operating costs and no London Congestion Charge. But could you make the move?

Here’s your chance – the Energy Saving Trust and Transport for London (TfL) want to identify potential rapid charging points for businesses using cleaner vans and light lorries throughout Greater London.

The project is open to business van fleets operating vehicles up to 12.5 tonnes and will be run in partnership with vehicle scheduling specialists Route Monkey.

Route Monkey  will then analyse fleet telematics and scheduling data and recommend potential locations for rapid chargepoints that could meet the needs of London’s business fleets.

Isuzu and Paneltex are providing data on mid-sized commercial vehicles (up to 12.5 tonnes) to help model how organisations could switch from diesel to electric powertrains.

So what’s in it for you?

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