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On-board camera system could help reduce insurance premiums and beat dodgy claims
Cameras like the SmartWitness are able to record enough of the road to provide court-admissible evidence

FORWARD-facing cameras are being used more and more by business van users to protect businesses from insurance claims.

The trend is a reflection of the increase in the instances of insurance fraud through staged ‘accidents’

A recent survey on the use of cameras by the Road Haulage Association drew responses from a broad spectrum of owner-drivers through to companies with large heavy commercial vehicles.

More than half – 54% – of those surveyed have fitted cameras in their vehicles and a further 35% are close to doing so. Those surveyed had little doubt as to the value of fitting the cameras.

While it’s mainly forward-facing cameras that have been fitted, the survey showed that all-round cameras are increasingly a consideration. While only 7% of those who responded had fitted them at present, 35% said they were think of doing so.

RHA policy director Jack Semple told Business Vans: “The camera recordings can show what happened in an accident and put an end, quickly and simply, to potentially crippling insurance claims.

“The industry appears to have reached a tipping point and the fitting of cameras will soon be the norm, rather than exceptional. The widespread adoption of cameras may also be an interesting trend for those involved more widely in occupational road risk, managing vans and cars,” he said.

Click here to read more about how the cameras work.


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