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On-board camera system could help reduce insurance premiums and beat dodgy claims
Cameras like the SmartWitness are able to record enough of the road to provide court-admissible evidence

FORWARD-facing cameras are being used more and more by business van users to protect businesses from insurance claims.

The trend is a reflection of the increase in the instances of insurance fraud through staged ‘accidents’

A recent survey on the use of cameras by the Road Haulage Association drew responses from a broad spectrum of owner-drivers through to companies with large heavy commercial vehicles.

More than half – 54% – of those surveyed have fitted cameras in their vehicles and a further 35% are close to doing so. Those surveyed had little doubt as to the value of fitting the cameras.

While it’s mainly forward-facing cameras that have been fitted, the survey showed that all-round cameras are increasingly a consideration. While only 7% of those who responded had fitted them at present, 35% said they were think of doing so.

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