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Top-up: Britain's first pre-pay card system allowing small businesses to buy fuel launches in June



Commercial fleets listen up! The first pre-pay-as-you-go fuel card system has launched in Britain in June.

The new “Fuelcard” (from The Fuelcard company), introduces its Diesel Advance card which uses on-line funding via credit or debit cards which can be set to top-up on a weekly direct debit of a chosen rate.

Large numbers of businesses are still struggling to pass credit checks to obtain a “traditional” fuel card with an appropriate limit. Such decisions on small businesses leaves van operatores without the access to monitoring tools and more importantly, all-important savings at the pump.

Diesel Advance is The Fuelcard Company’s claimed solution to this problem. It negates the need for pre-qualification credit checks and opens up its benefits to all businesses with a £50 minimum top up, says the Fuelcard Company.

How does the card offer such competitively priced fuel? Well, Diesel Advanced pricing is based on the bulk fuel market and offers fixed weekly price, which, nine times out of ten, will be lower than the national pump price with the only catch being an annual card charge of £12.

Operating on the Keyfuels network, Diesel Advance is offered for use at 1,700 sites nationwide including supermarket outlets such as Morrison’s and Tesco’s.

Furthermore, an automated email service can be enabled when the balance drops below to 25%, 15% and 0% of their estimated weekly volume to ensure the card, and their van fuel tank, never goes dry.

Colin Peters, Head of Marketing at The Fuelcard Company says he is expecting huge interest from traders with vans and van operators in this innovative product: “With slow economic recovery and ever-increasing fuel prices, we wanted to help businesses by providing a way to access the benefits of a fuel card, while allowing greater spending control.

“Diesel Advance is the first card of its kind in the UK and, as such, a major step forward for both The Fuelcard Company and the transport sector. We’re anticipating a substantial uptake and working with a new customer base, from the sole trader ‘White van man’ to multi-national haulage operators – the card is available to anyone with the £50 minimum top-up amount.”

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