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On-board camera system could help reduce insurance premiums and beat dodgy claims
SmartWitness systems do far more than simply make a video recording of the road. They also record factors such as vehicle speed, location and driving style which as well as providing evidence in case of an accident can be used in driver training

INSURANCE premiums can be a big part of transport costs, particularly if you have younger drivers in your business vans.

It’s a familiar frustration; you, or one of you vans is involved in an accident for which the other party is to blame but without independent witnesses you have no way of proving it.

That’s one reason more and more businesses are employing vehicle CCTV systems (camera-based tracking and logging systems) to protect against inflated insurance premiums arising from aggressive driving, fraudulent claims, accident liability, poor driver behaviour and theft.

Fleet Sentinel cameras can be sited are more than one point on a vehicle giving an all round record of a situation

Two companies showing managed CCTV systems at the recent Commercial Vehicle Show were Fleet Sentinel and SmartWitness.

Fleet Sentinel says its overall package offers far more than just an in-vehicle camera system.

The company will advise on the best package for your requirements and offer advice, maintenance, retrieval and analysis. It will even assist in securing a prosecution should the need arise, which could save thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs.

SmartWitness also provides a comprehensive range of systems to protect against cash-for-crash, premeditated staged accidents and false or exaggerated whiplash claims, in addition alleviating the problem of lack of witnesses or conflicting reports of the events.

The SmartWitness Vehicle CCTV system provides conclusive evidence with high-resolution 170-degree visuals from one or more cameras, plus records of vehicle dynamics, speed, location, driving style and impact force of a collision.

For drivers, the advantages lie in being able to prove what really happened, defend against driving offence allegations and protect against complaints.

For employers, the system allows detection of unsafe driving and any need for driver training, a log of the journey history, detailed driver reporting, a subsequent reduction in vehicle wear and tear and a means to reward safe drivers.

In addition to accident and journey monitoring systems, SmartWitness also provides blind spot and reversing cameras.

The company has entered into partnership with Milestone Insurance, which offers bespoke packages including free SmartWitness camera systems.

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