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Vans at BCA auction
Vans are getting excellent used values reports BCA as demand outstrips supply

IF you’ve got some vans sell it’s good news; if you’re looking for a supplementary van to boost business with your trade it might be less good news.

But BCA says the second quarter of 2014 has seen really strong used van values, with prices for commercial vehicles rising.

Quarter 2 2014 posted the highest headline figure on record says the auction company.

Vans and other commercial vehicles averaged £5,460 over Quarter 2 2014, up by £583 (11.9%) over the 121 month period.

Meanwhile average age has fallen marginally over the year, while mileage has increased by around 450 miles on average over the same period.

BCA reckons that longer term value growth in the used LCV sector can be seen when comparing 2014 to 2012.  Average van values have risen by £1,181 (27.5%) over the 24 month period as the shortage of good quality stock continues and demand increases as economic conditions improve.​

With limited availability on the new van front, it looks like the value of used vans is going to continue its strong performance in Q2.


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