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Truscene camera with video footage

Truscene camera: footage plays back on PC

Reduce insurance claims and driver risk

A NEW system to display the true cause of accidents and reduce driver risk is being promoted by Truscene for Road Safety Week next month (23rd – 29th November).

Truscene is a digital camera system that can be easily installed into commercial vehicles as a risk management tool. Truscene claims it can help reduce your van fleet accidents by up to 70%.

The camera also helps improve driver behaviour and reduce insurance costs resulting from road traffic crashes – some 200 deaths and serious injuries occur each week involving those who drive for their work.

The Truscene camera is attached to the top of a van’s windscreen, and will record the last 25 seconds before an incident and 5 seconds afterwards by means of a continuous memory loop. This is triggered to record the 30 seconds of footage when subjected to a sufficiently strong g-force.

The camera stores the video footage of the incident to memory and can be downloaded remotely, providing business van managers and insurers with secure storage of recorded clips.

A traffic light system can also warn the driver when they are driving dangerously. Better driving can be encouraged, says Truscene, by rewarding the most careful drivers each month.

“We’ve been demonstrating the system in over 2,000 lorry months of fleet trials,” commented Dean Taylor, managing driector of Vehicle Camera Systems, the makers of Truscene. “Our cameras have reduced accidents by 70%. We hope that van fleet management companies and insurance firms will review their risk management procedures for the vans they run.”

Truscene can be rented from £379 per camera per year, including fitting (ex VAT). Cameras can also be bought – less than 10 cameras cost £679 per camera, including fitting (ex VAT). For further information, visit

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