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Heavy traffic in the snow can be identified with TRACKER online feed

Caught on camera: snow-bound traffic jams

Visual feed provides road conditions with traffic and travel updates

AS YOU pull your van up at what looks like the tail end of a long queue of traffic, do you sometimes just wish you had checked the route for traffic before you left your last job?

Traffic hold ups in the current poor weather conditions can be expected. But where they are is now easier to spot if you look up the latest traffic and travel information on the TRACKER website.

TRACKER, which provides fleet tracking and vehicle recovery, can gain access to roadside cameras, offering up-to-the minute views of road conditions. So you can actually see through the cameras what the hold up might be.

What’s more, there’s no cost for the service: simply visit and click on the Traffic tab.

The traffic feed uses standard Google map controls to highlight your travel areas and displays traffic volumes from slow (black) to fast (green).

Icons at the top of the page allow you to select which types of possible congestion you wish to view – all if you wish – from traffic, to road works, to accidents, as well as the camera view. The latter provides all the camera locations – click on a camera and see the traffic. It’s a very useful feature.

“We’ve had some early snow showers across the UK, which means van drivers need to ensure they review road conditions before travelling,” said Stephen Doran, managing director.

Mr Doran added: “The TRACKER website features up-to-the minute traffic and travel information across the UK, helping professional drivers avoid traffic congestion and icy or snowy conditions. We also use roadside cameras, so that van drivers can see conditions for themselves and make informed travel decisions.”

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