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Iveco, Vision, concept, Hannover
The eye-catching Iveco Vision concept, which could become a production reality in a couple of years time

PUT this Iveco Dual Energy model on your wish list and you might just get it, in a few years time.

Iveco carried off the International Van of the Year 2015 title at Hannover, but then they set hearts pounding with what they thought we could be seeing next.

The Iveco Vision concept delivery van of the future is a natural evolution of the ‘Dual Energy’ project from 2012.

Iveco has completely redesigned the frame, body, interior and user interface following feedback and comments.

It features a modern a dual-energy drivetrain, futuristic but practical fascia and controls, but also a unique automated load management system.

Anticipating upcoming tough zero emission zones in cities and towns, IDE uses pure EV for urban areas, switching to diesel-electric hybrid power outside of these to keep down consumption while recharging the EV circuits for the next delivery spell on the streets.

The system knows where it is all the time and working with the on-board ECU it determines the best power modes to use to stay legal and low emission.

Overall, Iveco believes their system will cut fuel consumption and emissions by 25%.

For the driver, there is a tablet on the console to respond to touch-screen commands and alter settings while also integrating with telephone and navigation systems.

A rear mounted camera covers reversing and pedestrian movements behind while large side windows give good kerb-side and overtaking vision.

The load management system uses a series of sensors which identify the goods, indicate the most efficient positioning within the load area and trigger self-inflating containment bladders to hold larger packages in place.

Beside protecting valuable goods from damage, improved space management also makes loading and unloading faster, significantly increasing efficiency.


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