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Berlingo Schwartz Spice Run
Retail sales manager Lorna Kirkwood loads up her new Berlingo

UK HERB-and-spices brand Schwartz has spiced up its van operation with the recent addition of 232 Citroen Berlingo HDi 90 manual L2 750 X 5-seater Crew Vans. The Berlingos will be used nationwide by the company’s retail sales and field support merchandisers.

The Berlingos are being operated on Lex Autolease two-year with maintenance contract hire agreements.

Schwartz picked the Berlingo Crew Vans after an intensive, two-year evaluation showed the van to provide the best combination of operational benefits for the company.

These included better load security and increased load space to allow for seasonal peaks, as well as lower running costs and the facility for drivers to carry friends and families when off duty.

The Berlingo Crew Van’s high level of standard equipment has been enhanced with air conditioning and metallic paint in Arctic Steel or Shark Grey.

Schwartz also chose to upgrade the Berlingo’s standard Trafficmaster telematics platform – which includes Smartnav satellite navigation and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking – to include the optional real time fleet management package, Fleet Director.

Berlingo Schwartz-Simon and Tracey
Citroen’s Simon Griffith hands over the the first Berlingo to field sales manager Tracey Hoare

The company took delivery of the vans at 13 different locations with each driver given a complete demonstration of the vans’ features, including instruction on how to get the best from the Trafficmaster systems.

The Schwartz order is one of the largest placed for the five-seat Citroen Berlingo Crew Vans.

The vans were supplied by Citroen London West and are being operated on Lex Autolease two-year with maintenance contract hire agreements. Annual mileages range from 13,500 to 23,500, depending on the location of the Schwartz retail operative’s area.

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