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Citroen is giving back up to L4800 (+VAT) on its Relay range. In addition there’s an extra L1000 cashback for a part-exchange on a Relay.

These moneybacks are part of a Super September campaign on C2 Enterprise, Berlingo and Dispatch models, as well as the Relay.

The Berlingo Enterprise range has also been updated. A sliding door is standard on Berlingo Enterprise 1.9D and 2.0 HDi vans.

The Super September cashbacks include:

  • L4800 + VAT on Relay 1800
  • L3150 + VAT on Berlingo 1.4i LX
  • L2665 + VAT on Dispatch 1.9D
  • L2200 + VAT on Berlingo Enterprise
  • L700 + VAT on C2 Enterprise

Citroen is offering you bundles of cash if you buy one of their vans. The deal lasts throughout September.

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