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Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berlingo: £171 a month on Elect3 Pro

Elect3 Pro provides alternative van finance

CITROEN has recently launched a personal contract purchase (PCP) finance product for funding new vans.

Called Elect Pro3, the PCP from Citroen Contract Motoring (CCM) provides no-deposit finance with low monthly payments.

For business van users unsure of whether to buy or lease, the PCP provides useful flexibility.

There is a guaranteed future value at the end of the lease period – usually three years. You then pay rentals, including finance, on the difference between the new price and the guaranteed future value.

At the end of three years, van users can then choose to buy the van at the guaranteed future value; use any excess on the guaranteed future value as deposit on a new van; or simply hand the van back and start a new agreement if required.

“Elect3 Pro is very flexible and is essentially a PCP for business users of vans,” commented Nigel Walker, national sales manager, CCM.

“It takes away the risk of depreciation, and with 0% deposit and 5.9% APR on the finance it

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