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Citroën unveils second-generation Electric Berlingo
The Belingo's 22.5kWh total battery capacity is said to give the van a range of up to 106 miles

Citroën took the wraps off its new Electric Berlingo at the recent Hannover Commercial Show this month. The second-generation Electric Berlingo employs Citroën’s latest electric vehicle technology, while retaining the conventional Berlingo’s load volume of up to 4.1mand 675kg payload.

Various parts of the vans’s electric powertrain are contained under the bonnet or beneath other areas of the bodyshell so the Electric Berlingo’s load carrying capacity and volume are not compromised. The complete two-part battery pack is installed under the vehicle’s flat load deck, allowing the load compartment to remain identical to that found in the traditionally powered models.

The Electric Berlingo incorporates decades of Citroën electric vehicle experience, including its first-generation Berlingo Electrique van, which was on sale in the UK until November 2005. The Citroën range already includes models featuring e-HDi micro-hybrid technology and Hybrid4 technology in DS5.

Total battery capacity of 22.5kWh, is said to give the Electric Berlingo a range of up to 106 miles (170 km). The van can be charged in two ways. The normal charge mode lasts between six and 12 hours, depending on the available current, and the batteries can be charged to 80% of their capacity in just 30 minutes in quick-charge mode.

The Electric Berlingo’s motor was developed with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and has a maximum power output of 49kW (67hp) and maximum torque of 200Nm. Its power is transmitted to the front wheels through a speed reducer and a single-ratio gearbox.

The Electric Berlingo’s features include, eco-driving information, with an energy consumption/regeneration indicator, an instantaneous energy consumption gauge and an auxiliaries consumption gauge, which displays data on heating/air conditioning and other secondary power usage; a deceleration and braking energy recovery system; an electric heating system with an eco-mode to limit energy consumption; and hill start assist coupled to the ESP system.

Depending on the market, the Electric Berlingo will be available with two bodywork options, normal and long, which respectively measure 4.38m and 4.63m. The load volume can reach 4.1cu mand the maximum weight capacity is 675kg, which are both identical to the internal combustion versions.

Citroën unveils second-generation Electric Berlingo
Depending on the market, the Electric Berlingo will be available with two bodywork options, normal and long, measuring 4.38m and 4.63m

Scott Michael, Citroën’s head of commercial vehicles & business centre programme, told Business Vans: “The launch of the new Electric Berlingo is exciting news. When it goes on UK sale in the second half of 2013 it will further expand the appeal of Citroën’s advanced LCV range with business van customers looking for innovative environmental transport solutions.”

UK specification and pricing will be announced closer to the launch.

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