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Uncontrolled: Fuel use must be carefully monitored to prevent runaway costs

Author: Robin Roberts

Cut the amount spent on fuel is the message from fleet software specialist CFC to van operators.

Van mangers should be seeking to limit spending on fuel in whatever ways they can to help retain good net profits for small businesses – whether that’s by rerouting, more efficient van driving, or investing in more fuel efficient vans.

Neville Briggs, Managing Director of CFC Solutions, said: “There remains a widespread assumption that rising fuel costs just have to be swallowed, but we regularly come across fleets that do not use the most fundamental controls.”

“Van operators that do not have a fuel card and a basic fuel strategy for their van fleet can make real savings in a very short period of time, minimising the effect of on-going price rises. “If van fleets are going to think about tackling any costs against the backdrop of an economy that remains very tough, they should think about fuel.”

Costs can be controlled states Briggs, simply with the addition of a few limits placed on business van drivers.

He says that having a fuel card in use across your fleet allows you to see exactly where money is being spent. This will help businesses to weed out any fuel fraud that is taking place.

“You can steer drivers towards supermarkets or other low cost fuel outlets. Within a local area, costs can easily vary by 3-4 pence per litre, so it is worth making sure you are using the cheapest options.”

It’s also important for van operators to look closely at the fuel consumption of drivers through data provided by fuel cards.

“The difference in fuel consumption between drivers with a gentle right foot and someone who permanently wears heavy boots can be as much as 15-20 per cent. You need to be identifying drivers who are costing you money and target them.”

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