Zenith roadshow
Shade and shelter with the Zenith Crafter
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Zenith Crafter solution

  • Converted high roof Crafter caters for all Zenith’s roadshow needs
  • Vehicle chosen for its size, load capacity and blank canvas for conversion
  • Crafter provides Zenith with ‘substantial point of difference’ 

A CRAFTER conversion solves Zenith roadshow needs since the leasing and fleet management provider turned to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to provide an innovative solution for its mobile exhibition requirements.

Working in close partnership, Volkswagen helped deliver a fully-converted Volkswagen Crafter CR35 LWB high roof which is capable of providing a mobile display unit, allowing Zenith to engage with its customer base at roadshow events.

The Crafter not only provides Zenith with transportation to each event, but also gives the firm a ‘stand-out’ advantage over other exhibitors.

Equipped with additional seating, on-board computers and display screens, Zenith uses the bespoke space to demonstrate the benefits of its MyCar Salary Sacrifice Scheme and provide instant quotes for potential customers, all from the comfort of the fully converted vehicle.

The Crafter’s size and load capacity were key reasons for Zenith selecting the vehicle for its roadshows. Providing a highly flexible body for conversions, the Crafter is available with three wheelbases, four body lengths, three roof heights and the ability to carry items of up to 4.7m long, plus a cargo area of up 17m2.

Zenith roadshow
Practical storage too

Working with Volkswagen to specify the Crafter CR35 with long wheelbase and high roof, Zenith selected a variety of aftermarket options to transform the van into a vehicle that can cater for all its roadshow needs. The Crafter features optional air conditioning, additional storage for Zenith’s marketing materials and striking full vehicle wrap displaying MyCar Salary Sacrifice branding.

Zenith has provided outsourced, end-to-end vehicle management solutions for mid to large nationwide companies for over 25 years, delivering innovative and intelligent vehicle solutions to any employee base, whether that’s funding company cars or commercial vehicles, providing flexible benefit schemes, or delivering fully outsourced fleet management services.

Ian Hughes, Zenith’s commercial director, said: ‘We chose to work with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles due to the strength of our existing relationship and the partnership approach that they have taken with us.

“The presence of the fully converted Crafter has provided Zenith with a substantial point of difference from the other vendors at the roadshow events that we attend. The van has helped create awareness with potential salary sacrifice drivers and increase the take-up rate of our scheme.”

Zenith roadshow
Bespoke interior for the Zenith roadshow Crafter

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