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Dacia, Duster, Oroch
Duster Oroch is the latest double pick up from the makes of “Shockingly affordable cars” – Dacia

WELL, take a look at this! How much would you like one of these?

It’s the Dacia Duster Oroch.

The Duster Oroch is a low cost double cab pick up, from the makers of “shockingly affordable” cars, which has been unveiled recently at the South American Sao Paulo Motor Show.

To all intents and purposes the Duster Oroch is a Duster SUV with a flat load bay.

Dacia says the Duster Oroch is a show car – a styling exercise for a five-seat recreational pick-up featuring rugged SUV looks –  but in a market where pick-ups account for nearly 75% of the light commercial vehicle market – over 920,000 units – expect the Duster Oroch to go into production form.

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