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Dacia Logan Van
Dacia Logan Van: one of three commercial vehicles Dacia could introduce for self-employed trades and small business van fleets

DACIA, makers of “shockingly affordable” cars, won’t be providing the same rock bottom transport for self-employed trades and van fleets – at least not yet.

Romanian maker Dacia, owned by Renault, currently makes three commercial vehicles: the van and pick-up, both based on the Logan, and the recently launched Dokker Van.

However, Renault sales director Darren Payne said there were no immediate plans for Dacia to enhance its UK presence with LCVs.

Dacia Dokker Van
Dacia Dokker Van: Dacia’s first purpose built van was launched in 2012 providing a fully modern platform on which to launch the Dacia commercial vehicle range in the UK

“There would have to be a sensible reason to introduce the Dacian van and pick-up,” Darren told Business Vans. “In cars we’ve moved the Renault range upmarket to accommodate the “shockingly affordable” Dacia brand. We don’t have that position with Renault vans.”

Yet – Darren might have added. The decision to put Dacia commercials on hold is reasonable: the brand is currently establishing itself in the UK with the car range.

However, the Dacia commercial vehicle range would provide a low-cost commercial van and pick-up to meet the growing challenge from Chinese makers such as DFSK with its £9999 + VAT Loadhopper Double Cab or Great Wall, with its £13,998 + VAT Steed pick-up.

The Dacia Logan van has a load volume of 2.5 cu m and, says Dacia, sets new standards in terms of “price per cubic metre” thanks to an unrivalled price tag.

The Dacia Logan pick-up has an 800 kg payload and 1.8-metre load length on its bed with a rear-hinged tail drop.

The Dacia Dokker Van is fully engineered as a van and offers 3.3cu m cargo volume and a load length of 1.9 m extendable to 3m with the Dacia Easy Seat fold down front seat.

Dacia Logan pick-up
Dacia Logan pick-up: could this be the ‘shockingly affordable’ pick-up your business needs?

In Europe, the Dacia van, pick-up and Dokker Van are all powered by Renault’s 1.5 dCi diesel in the following power outputs:

  • Dacia Logan van dCi 70
  • Dacia Logan van dCi 85
  • Dacia Logan pick-up dCi 70
  • Dacia Logan pick-up dCi 85
  • Dacia Dokker Van dCi 75
  • Dacia Dokker Van dCi 90

We’ll update you with more Dacia business van news as soon as it breaks.

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  1. Please provide details of how to purchase Logan pick up truck! I am very keen to acquire this vehicle as my present Proton Jumbuck is, after 11 brilliant years, beginning to give up the ghost!

    Hi John
    Still no word yet from Dacia on the Logan pick up, but since our story the van has been launched. For more, see our story on the Dacia Duster Van.

    Ralph Morton, editorial director


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