Daihatsu Tempo
Daihatsu Tempo: new face of mobile van vending
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Daihatsu Tempo

  • Mini van concept
  • Gullwing door provides shelter and serving hatch
  • Flexible floor space means multipurpose commercial use
  • Launched at the Tokyo Motor Show

NOW here’s a cracking idea from Daihatsu – the Daihatsu Tempo.

It’s a pop-up shop style van and can be used for selling coffee, ice cream or displaying equipment when you want to mobile.

It was displayed by Daihatsu at the Tokyo Show. It’s a concept at the moment but the van’s small dimensions but large interior space make it ideal for mobile vendors.

Daihatsu explains the Tempo as a ‘new genre-space commercial vehicle’ – in other words a mobile sales van that can make full use of the Tempo’s flexible floor space.

The Tempo features a large gull-wing door with LED lighting installed on the passenger-seat side – good for serving coffee and teas – while the digital sign mounted on the van’s side can be used as a signboard.

There are no plans yet for the mini commercial vehicle to enter production, but the Daihatsu Tempo would make an eye-catching statement in any urban location.

Bring it on Daihatsu!


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