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Demand for high-spec vans boosts residuals as camper conversions gain popularity
Highly specified used Volkswagen Transporters are in high demand for conversion to motor homes

IF you run a high-spec van for your business, you could be pleasantly surprised when it comes to selling it on.

Extras such as electric windows, air-conditioning and metallic paint are giving residual values a boost as well-specified vans are in great demand for conversion to motor homes.

According to online remarketing specialist Autorola, the interest in camper vans is growing at such a rate that drivers who do not need a van for their work and aren’t VAT registered are buying used vans to convert into motor homes.

The company says it is experiencing a massive increase in demand for high-spec vans with air-con, metallic paint, reversing sensors and rear tailgates, as they are front-runners for conversion to campers.

Demand for high-spec vans boosts residuals as camper conversions gain popularity
Air-conditioning and electric windows are desirable extras for convertors

Autorola says the most popular by far is the Volkswagen Transporter, which makes the perfect ‘home on wheels’ and has bags of ‘street cred’.

Autorola’s head of operations Neil Frost told Business Vans: “The camper van is making a welcome return and many of our trade buyers are purchasing vans specifically to sell to consumers as a base vehicle for conversion into camper vans.

“Demand for high-spec Transporter vans continues to rise, as do prices, despite the eventual owner not being able to recover the VAT on the van’s purchase.”

He said investment in options such as electric windows, metallic paint and air conditioning made sense for van operators as these features were pushing up values when the vans reach the used market.

A VW Transporter T30 LWB with a high level of specification on a 12-plate is making typically between £14,000-£15,000 at trade. After conversion, the vehicles will retail for more than £30,000.

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