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Paper counterpart driving licence
Stay of Execution – The paper licence will still be in place until June

THE DVLA has applied the brakes to plans to end the counterpart paper-licence until 8 June.

It wants to ensure an efficient on-line system is in place for businesses to check driver details

It told Business Vans earlier this month that it would not be going ahead with the proposed abolition until later in the New Year.

It wants to ensure an efficient on-line system is in place for businesses to check driver details.

Now it has again reviewed its timetable and told the BVRLA and FTA that the IT checking system will be introduced in June to replace the paper counterpart which carries qualification data for drivers.

The agency has also responded to the BVRLA’s call for a real-time, online driver details checking service to be developed in advance of the abolition by promising ‘technical solutions that provide up-to-date, fit-for-purpose alternatives to the paper counterpart’.


The six-month delay in abolishing the counterpart is a major achievement for the association as it will give its vehicle rental members vital breathing space to test and develop new processes for verifying customer driving licence details.

“We welcome this delay and are happy that the DVLA and the Department for Transport have listened to the needs of some of their biggest customers,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney.

“The DVLA finally has a clear plan of action for developing its online alternative to the paper counterpart, and we look forward to working with them in delivering a robust, cost-effective solution for the vehicle rental sector.”

Karen Dee, FTA Director of Policy, added, “FTA knew that the 1 January removal date had been delayed, but we were waiting for an indication of when the driving licence counterpart would actually be abolished. We had voiced concerns that the new date would be rushed and would not allow any significant re-development of the systems that businesses were expected to use to carry out critical safety checks on their drivers.”

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