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BlueEFFICIENCY versions of the new Mercedes Sprinter can return up to 44.4mpg – not so shabby for a 3.5 tonner

FUEL economy is usually a big consideration for anyone buying new vans nowadays and the parsimonious way that the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter drinks diesel swung the bosses at Stone Hardy to the 3-pointed star.

The firm is a market leader in the servicing and repair of tail-lifts and shutters for commercial and passenger vehicles and has just ordered 32 new Mercedes Sprinter 3.5-tonne 313 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY models, with five smaller Citans as a side order.

The latest Sprinter is easily distinguished from its illustrious predecessor, thanks to its sculpted bonnet, more vertical, wedge-shaped radiator grille with perforated slats and revised, more angular headlights.

The new model also incorporates new technology that makes it the most fuel efficient and safest vehicle in its class. Mpg performance is up by 7% over the outgoing Sprinter while the returns from BlueEFFICIENCY variants – which incorporate a raft of additional measures designed to further reduce diesel consumption – are improved by a further 6%, to as much as 44.4mpg.

“It’s too early to get an accurate picture,” says managing director Paul Clark. “But the first guys out in the field to whom we’ve allocated the latest model Sprinters report that they’re definitely making fewer visits to the filling station, which is encouraging.”

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