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Mutley the terrier keeping guard on the VW Amarok on loan to the RSPCA at Southridge in Hertfordshire

W’VE already praised the Volkswagen Amarok to the hilt for its rugged off-road manners and car-like handling.

Now it looks as though 800 cats and dogs, seven horses and a chicken called Bernadette all agree with us, although how they managed to read our report is something of a mystery!

The staff at the RSPCA love the VW Amarok’s versatility – especially in last winter’s snow and for maintenance work at the 16 acre site

Altogether, 1287 animals have been rehoused using a VW Amarok since it was loaned by to Southridge RSPCA centre in Hertfordshire a year ago.

The pick-up has proved invaluable in rescuing and rehoming a huge variety of animals, from desperate dogs to persecuted parrots – and apparently the animals and staff at the centre are all mightily impressed.

As well as rescuing animals in need, the RSPCA has used the vehicle as a trusty work-horse, using its large loadspace to pick up weekly pet food donations to feed its 250 live-in animals, mend fencing around its 16 acre site and tow horse boxes as far as Scotland for animals to be rehomed.

The team has even used the pick-up as a ‘search and rescue’ vehicle, using its headlight beams to search for a stray dog reported late at night.

Anna White, manager at the RSPCA Southridge centre, said: “Having the Volkswagen Amarok at the centre has been incredible – it has allowed us to just get on with things, without thinking about whether the vehicle would be able to cope.

The longest trip has been up to Scotland to drop off a horse being rehomed, but picking up animals closer to home is routine for the VW Amarok

“When it snowed earlier this year, one of our animals was in a critical condition. In any of our other vehicles, we wouldn’t have been able to get down the lane to get him to the vet in time to save him, but the VW Amarok just handled it effortlessly.”

Alex Smith, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: ‘We are thrilled to hear that the Amarok has been such a valuable addition to the RSPCA.

“Enabling the RSPCA to carry out its work more easily is just one of the ways in which we have been lucky enough to demonstrate our on-going support for local businesses and worthy causes across the UK.”


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