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Van scrappage: 51-plate vans now qualify

Government extends terms of scrappage scheme

YOUR 51-plate van could now qualify for the government scrappage scheme following the decision to top up the plan by a further £100 million.

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson announced an extension to the scrappage scheme this week – and the age limit for qualifying van ‘clunkers’ has been cut from 10 years to eight. That means vans that were registered in the UK before February 28, 2002 now qualify for the £2,000 discount, meaning all Y-reg and 51-plate vans qualify, providing you’ve owned the vehicle for 12 months, and it has valid tax and MoT.

Only vans below 3.5 tonnes GVW qualify as trade-ins or as new vehicles sold under the scheme.

For cars, the 10-year limit remains, but the extension of the scheme means cars registered up to February 28 2000 (V-registration) now qualify. The scheme will come to an end on February 28, 2010 or when the funding runs out, whichever is the sooner.

So far 227,750 orders have been placed through the scheme. The increased funding enables the scheme to fund a further 100,000 vehicles, bringing total budget to £400 million and covering up to 400,000 vehicles in total.

The extension continues as a government and manufacturer partnership, with matched funding providing the £2,000 discount for each scrappage order.

Lord Mandelson said: “We have listened to the concerns of manufacturers and are increasing the funding of the scheme to £400m. But we must make sure that the help we do offer is targeted, limited and proportionate. This is not a blank cheque to the auto manufacturers but recognition that there is still a short term challenge to boost demand and confidence in the sector.”

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