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Europcar rental tail lifts

LDV aero Luton tail lift offered by Europcar

Rental firm expands tail-lift van fleet to help lone drivers

Leading rental firm Europcar has expanded its van fleet.

The expansion meets increasing demand from smaller businesses that are reacting to current economic conditions requiring flexible and cost-effective transport.

The Europcar rental fleet now includes 50% more tail-lift vans to support businesses that use lone drivers for deliveries and collections.

David McNeill, corporate sales director for Europcar said: “When times are lean, businesses need to look for ways to be more efficient. With no long-term financial commitment and immediate access to vehicles exactly suited to the job, vehicle rental is providing a valuable solution to get items from A to B.

“The addition of these tail lifts to our fleet will certainly support those looking to cut manpower on delivery and collections.”

The Europcar van fleet includes mini, short-wheelbase, long-wheelbase and box vans.

Vans can be rented for one-way journeys if required. Or there

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