Just as it's less expensive to get married mid-week, you can also save a packet with daily van rental then as Europcar promotes mid-week van hire bargains
Just as it's less expensive avoiding weekends to get married, you can also save a packet on daily van rental as Europcar promotes mid-week van hire bargains
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YOU CAN save a packet with daily van rental avoiding the weekends as Europcar promotes mid-week van hire bargains – just as it’s less expensive to get married then.

Packing a Van – tips from Europcar

  • Remember to distribute cargo evenly to ensure the van handles correctly
  • Load the largest, heaviest items first such as appliances or furniture and keep them upright
  • Use padding to protect corners or wooden surfaces – this will help you slide heavier items into the van
  • Use spare mattress protectors to cover sofas and mattresses and place them on their sides against the walls of the van to save space
  • Pack all items as tightly as you can to prevent anything breaking whilst on the move
  • Dis-assemble bed frames, tables and desks but making sure you tape the pieces together
  • Roll-up rugs and carpets and tape these at each end and in the middle and place these on the bottom on the van
  • Put heavy boxes at the bottom then stack the lighter boxes on top
  • Slide long items such as floor lamps in along the sides of the van
  • Place odd-shaped items on the top of your load if they are light enough or place them last in the van ensuring that they don’t move around when being transported

While Saturday weddings have long been the traditional choice, savvy couples have clocked on to the cost-saving benefits of marrying in the week, with Thursday weddings becoming increasingly popular.

Around 21,700 couples chose to marry on a Thursday instead last year according to the Telegraph, due to the comparatively lower costs for venues, entertainment and catering than that offered at the weekend.

Couples also often benefit from being able to book their first choice and these mid-week cost and choice benefits are not just limited to weddings.

60% saving as Europcar promotes mid-week van hire bargains

Europcar has revealed that those looking to move house or undertake home improvements can benefit greatly by hiring a van mid-week rather than waiting until the weekend.

For example a Vauxhall Combo 3M3 1.2 when hired from Europcar on Saturday 25 June and returned on a Sunday 26 June would cost £76.49 when booked in advance (according to the latest pricing figures), while the mid-week rental option, of hiring the same van on Tuesday 21 June and returning on Wednesday 22 June, would cost £22.14.

How else can businesses save on daily rentals?

The saving of £54.35 is a great bonus for covering those necessary DIY supplies or buying something extra for the new home.

No matter how large or small the planned mid-week job is, Europcar has a range of rental options from One-Way, to Overnight and Hourly. Vans are available at over 170 locations across the UK, and all are fully maintained and come with 24 hour breakdown cover.

The ToMyDoor service is available for additional convenience, with Europcar delivering and collecting the van from the customer’s home address and additional drivers can be added to the booking.

Ken McCall, managing director of Europcar UK Group, explains:  “Mid-week can be a great time to move home or tackle those DIY jobs, with the roads often clearer, shorter checkout queues in stores, and also the cost savings that can be made.

“Europcar offers a range of affordable mid-week van rentals, providing customers with more choice and great savings. Weekends can then be spent unwinding and relaxing as intended!”

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