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Off-peak: British Gas has introduced a new lower tariff for EV charge points and meter installation finance


Robin Roberts

British Gas is powering up its deals for EV owners and drivers.

It’s introducing a new Off-Peak Saver tariff which provides 20 hours of discounted off-peak electricity between 8pm and 4pm and just four hours peak electricity between 4pm and 8pm

With a reduction of 12% on the standard off-peak charge rates, electric vehicle drivers can expect to save an average of up to £29 on their annual electricity bill

Switching is easy and signing up to the new Off-Peak Saver tariff will mean being one of the first households in the UK to have a next generation smart meter with in-home display installed

Smart meters have been developed to enable households to see how much energy they are using and its cost in pounds and pence.

Consumers can also compare their gas and electricity usage by the hour, day, week and year, and set their own energy usage targets.

A ‘traffic light’ system will warn households when they are consuming large amounts of electricity and are close to exceeding their target.  A smart meter also means that consumers will only pay for the energy they use and will no longer receive estimated bills.

Additionally, British Gas has introduced a new financing option to help electric car and van drivers spread the cost of the installation of a new home or work charge point

The new plan offers 12 months 0% interest on the purchase of a British Gas charge point that complies fully with all current electrical regulations and is available from £799 inc VAT.

It includes  a comprehensive British Gas Home Energy Check to give customers advice on making their home electrics ready for home charging of an electric vehicle.

Three years’ British Gas Home Electrical Care™, including unlimited call outs per contract year for all home electrical repairs, including parts and labour beyond electric car requirements.

Dan Taylor, Director of New Ventures at British Gas said,“Electric cars are coming of age and these new initiatives are part of our continued commitment to make running an electric car easier.

“The new Off-Peak Saver tariff gives drivers greater flexibility around when they can charge their electric car or van, as well as helping them spread the cost of paying for a dedicated fast and safe charge point.

“Our national network of electrical engineers provides all the advice and expertise necessary to enable electric car owners to power their car quickly and safely, and for less money.”

Whether or not you run an EV, you can work out the cost of your motoring with our pence per mile guide and get independent company car advice from BCM.


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