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VGroup's lightweight Finesse Poly-line van lining
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Benefits of Finesse Poly-line

  • It’s lighter than plywood lining which means you get an increased payload and improved fuel economy and;
  • It can be CNC (computer numerical control) machined meaning the lining will fit your van exactly
  • Read more about Finesse Poly-line here

IF you lease a van through award-winning company Fleet Alliance take a look in the back.

Because your new van will probably be plylined by vComms with its brilliantly lightweight Finesse Poly-line – a material lighter and tougher than traditional plywood that benefits fuel economy and increases payload.

That’s because Fleet Alliance has extended its partnership with vGroup International’s vComms division, which already supplies 2,200 roadside assistance packs and first aid kits a year to Fleet Alliance.

As well as being easy to handle and fit, the lightweight plylining is highly durable, offering strong impact and humidity resistance, and hey, it’s also 100% recyclable, washable and resistant to acid and oils.

As well as this, if you lease your van through Fleet Alliance it can now be equipped with:

  • Lining panels;
  • Tow bars;
  • Racking systems;
  • Roof vents;
  • Lighting fixtures; and
  • Electrical features

Martin Brown, managing director, Fleet Alliance, said: “vGroup continues to be an essential part of our supplier network, helping maintain our high standards of customer service by providing seamless delivery of high quality handover and support packs to our dealer network. When considering a supplier to extend our provision for commercial vehicle accessories and fitting, vGroup was the logical choice.”

Vicky Arnold, vGroup International’s sales and customer service director, added: “We are focused on meeting the requirements of fleets to enable them to operate efficiently and effectively, achieve their compliance and duty of care responsibilities and, by providing industry-leading vehicle lining solutions, ensure vehicle residual values are protected.”

In addition, is you lease your vans through Fleet Alliance you’ll be able to order a range of additional accessories including:

  • Dead locks;
  • Door slam locks;
  • Rear window security grilles and blanks;
  • Armaplates;
  • Dashboard cameras; and
  • Livery requirement.
A van lined with Finesse Poly-line
A van lined with Finesse Poly-line


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