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A TLS Vehicle Rental van

Flexible rental: no commitment use of a van

TLS reports risk reducing upswing in flexible van rental

Van rental firm TLS Vehicle Rental reports a surge in popularity for flexible van rentals.

TLS says its Advantage product seems to fit recessionary thinking exactly.

TLS Advantage allows van operators to hire a vehicle from one to three years with unlimited mileage and no early termination fee.

Business van managers can hire for periods from a year to three years or more. There is no mileage limit. And no fixed-term contracts or early-termination penalties.

“During the recession, we have seen a fall off in traditional daily rental in line with overall reduced activity throughout the economy,” noted Carl D’Ammassa, chief executive officer, TLS.

“However, the slack has largely been taken up with flexible rental, which we believe is proving to be the recessionary acquisition method of choice for many businesses.”


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