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Mel Goodliffe, managing director of Giraffe Automotive Services has just launched the FLEXXiVan flexible van rental service

Goodliffe: no tie rental

Van rentals from three to 24 months from new online FLEXXiVan service

IF YOUR van needs replacing, or your small business is expanding rapidly with enriched order books, then consider flexible van rental as a method of upgrading your fleet of business vans.

Flexible van rental is not new in the market, but FLEXXiVan is, promising sole traders, small businesses and SMEs a low cost, web-based van hire service.

FLEXXiVan has been launched by Giraffe Automotive Services and offers an alternative solution to expensive new vehicles or long term van leases says managing director Mel Goodliffe.

Offering 3 – 24 month contracts, FLEXXiVan enables businesses to have complete flexibility when deciding rental terms from Ford, Citroen and Volkswagen believes Goodliffe. The service also offers opportunities to rent some vehicles from 1 – 28 days.

“After the success of our FLEXXiLease car leasing product over the last seven years, we became aware that there was significant demand for a flexible commercial van hire service, especially for small businesses and sole traders who may not want to risk an expensive long term lease or van purchase,” said Goodliffe.

“Historically, van leasing contracts have required a 4-5 year commitment with potential heavy penalties for early termination, but we

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