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Ford service: better Backbone of Britain deal

Backbone of Britain service upgraded for van operators

FORD is aiming to provide even better service to business van managers operating Transit vans. Ford is upgrading its ‘Backbone of Britain’ premium dealer service, the company’s network of 211 specialist Transit dealers.

The planned enhancements, due in March, are aimed at underpinning the standards already in place, or upgrading the offers that exist at the moment.

Ford Backbone of Britain Transit dealers will continue to offer extended opening hours but with the promise of faster turnaround of serviced vehicles.

Business van operators will also be given a ‘service window’, so vehicle downtime can be better managed.

“Rather than ask for a van to be at one of our dealers at nine in the morning and ready to be picked up again at five, we’ll offer dedicated slots,” commented Kevin Griffin, fleet director at Ford. “We’ll also sure up the longer opening hours, too.”

Mr Griffin added: “As van operators run vans harder and longer, we need to respond with longer opening hours to accommodate their needs. That’s one of the reasons we’re updating the Backbone of Britain standards.”

Backbone of Britain Transit dealers will also operate to national pricing on service, maintenance and repair, so business van operators can be sure of the price they will pay in any part of the country.

Other facilities offered by Backbone of Britain Transit dealers include:

  • Priority, on-the-spot inspection in emergencies;
  • Service booking within 24 hours;
  • Full range of Transit, Transit Connect and other Ford Commercial Vehicle tyres held in stock.
  • Immobilised vehicle emergency support; and
  • Alternative fuel servicing capacity.

In addition to Backbone of Britain dealers, Mr Griffin said Ford was working with those dealers in smaller, rural territories to extend opening hours to accommodate Ford van users. “They form a critical part of commercial vehicle business, too.”

The revised dealer standards are due to go live in March.

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