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Ford prices up its comprehensive new Transit Custom range
Ford's new wide-ranging Transit Custom line-up has a broad spread of on-the-road prices to match


Ford has announced its recommended prices for the new Transit Custom line-up. They are broadly spread across a comprehensive model range from £18,316 (ex-VAT on-the-road price) for the 250 Base low-roof 2.2 TDCi 100hp model to £25,766 (ex-VAT OTR) for the long-wheelbase Double-Cab-in-Van 330 Trend 2.2 TDCi 155hp low-roof variant.

In short-wheelbase versions, the 270 Base models range from £19,166 to £20,916. The 270 Trend models are priced from £20,116 to £21,866. The two 270 Limited models cost £22,086 and £23,066.

Next in the range, the 290 model prices are spread from the 290 Base at £19,666 to £23,566 for the 290 Limited.

In the following gross vehicle weight category, the 310 models have recommended prices from £20,166 for the 310 Base to £24,066 for the 310 Limited. At the top end of the short-wheelbase line-up, the 330 models range from the Base at £21,816 to the Limited, priced at 24,966.

Long-wheelbase models start at £20,366 with the 100hp 2.2 TDCi 290 Base, ranging to £24,266 for the 290 Limited 155hp variant.

The 310 models range from £23,866 for the 100hp Base model to £24,766 for the 310 Limited. At the top of the long-wheelbase model line-up, the 3,325kg GVW variants are priced from £22,516 for the 330 Base to £24,466 for the 330 Trend.

Short-wheelbase Double-in-Cab versions start at £20,466 for the 270 Base model rising to £23,186 for the 310 Trend. Business van users needing long-wheelbase versions can expect to pay from £21,666 for the 290 Base version to £25,766 330 Trend. All figures are estimated OTR prices, excluding VAT.

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