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Paulo Giantaglia, chief program engineer and his baby – the Ford Transit Courier.

WHO better to give us an exclusive guided tour of the new Ford Transit Courier, than the chief program engineer, Paulo Giantaglia?

Business Vans nabbed Paulo at the van’s launch to get this exclusive tour of the Transit Courier.

“What I am going to show you is not the obvious items – it’s the basic stuff. It shows that we have thought about the details for the customer. I think your readers – the small businesses and tradespeople – will really appreciate these details. It will make their working day so much better.”

OK Paulo, give us the basics then.


The device dock

“This is a very basic feature,” says Paulo, “but it provides a freedom for the driver to have all sorts of facilities delivered through their smart phone, including sat nav.”



36_TransitCourier_storage slot_with_arrow800x600pxCentral storage slot

“We call this the ‘mega console’ because it can take a 13 inch laptop and a mobile phone,” continues Paulo. “When you drive you must have areas to put your essential work tools – and the laptop is crucial. It shows that we have thought about every space – this one is close to the USB slot for the phone and a 12v take off for a recharger.”

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