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New Peugeot Boxer

Revised Boxer has more economical engines

New identification system introduced

The new Peugeot Boxer range goes on sale this month. There are four body versions: panel van; window van; chassis cab; and crew cab.

In addition, there is a new identification system. Wheelbase is shown as L.

So a short-wheelbase model is known as L1; a long-wheelbase model is identified by L3.

A similar system is used for roof heights. H1 is standard roof height.

There will be three engine options: 2.2-litre HDi 100; 2.2-litre HDi 120; and 3.0-litre HDi 157. All are now more fuel-efficient. Servicing is required every two years.

  • New identification system for wheelbase (L1-L3)
  • New identification system for roof height (H1-H2)
  • Three engines options: 100bhp, 120bhp, 157bhp
  • Payloads from 1100kg-1575kg
  • Increased load volumes from 8sq m to 13sq m
  • Prices start at £15,150 (ex VAT)

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