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Free Hubio Fleet 30 day trial to witness tracking benefits
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HERE’S something worth looking at: a free Hubio Fleet 30 day trial from the real-time fleet tracking specialists.

The free 30 day trial of Hubio Fleet is open to small businesses and van fleets, operating from one van upwards.

Hubio Fleet is an OBD plugin that fits into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port. The plugin then transmits how the vehicle is being driven over the mobile phone network to an online dashboard that a fleet manager/owner-operator signs in to.

A fleet manager or small business owner can then see at a glance how ‘safely’ their fleet is performing by looking at a traffic-light-coloured Fleet Safety Score.

Other features include an easy to use geofence drawing system that sets up an alert when van drivers go outside a prescribed area.

Users simply drag and drop lines on a Google Map to set up as many geofences as they like over distances as big or small as they need.

Louise Robertson, chief marketing officer at Hubio Fleet said:

“Fleet managers and business van owners and operators can quickly see how our online dashboard works and witness the benefits after just a week of using it. That’s why we’re offering the free trial.

“Many of the fleet managers using Hubio Fleet tell us that the insights they’re seeing is helping them to take action, whether that’s coaching individual drivers or adjusting delivery routes.

“Over the period of a free 30-day trial we’re confident that fleet managers and owner-operators will see the benefits that our tracker brings, such as real-time tracking, less idling time, safer drivers and lower fuel costs.”

If you are interested in a free trial check out the Hubio Fleet website.


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