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Free training: save fuel

Improve techniqe, save on fuel costs

DO YOU fancy a free day’s training in economy driving? Sign up for a new Department for Transport (DfT) study and you will receive a one-day Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) course.

In return, participants will be monitored for 12 months, and this will help the DfT compile a study into the benefits of safe and fuel efficient driver training.

The study will help the DfT gain a greater understanding of the immediate benefits of the programme, and it will also show when the benefits start to diminish, highlighting the point when refresher training is needed.

The course comprises a full day’s training in both practical and theoretical elements and teaches the use of driving techniques such as better use of gears, keeping correct distances to avoid hard braking, and an overall awareness of fuel economy.

The driver is assessed on their current driving style, and is then given tuition to improve driving technique to aid fuel efficiency and improve safety. Finally the driver is reassessed to record improvements in driving performance and actual fuel consumption.

AECOM, the company running the programme on behalf of the DfT, is seeking up to 720 drivers to participate in the plan. Project manager Scott Hardy said: “This innovative study will help identify the fuel and safety benefits of driver training and how they can be maintained. It is an excellent opportunity for van operators to take advantage of free training that will help them save fuel and save money.”

The SAFED training programme has been designed to enhance the driving techniques of truck and van drivers. It was developed by a steering group of industry experts and is sponsored by the DfT.

Business van managers and van operators who are interested in taking part should contact Scott Hardy: