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If you believed the papers a few weeks ago, our roads should look like this about now. The FTA’s weather alert is less dramatic, but likely to be more reliable

WILL it snow or will it not?

If you read the tabloids and believe all they contain (as some people sadly seem to), we should all be under six inches of snow at present, despite the fact that as we look out of the Business Vans office window, the sun is shining and some blokes are even walking about in shorts.

As an alternative, van operators would be better advised to register for  the Freight Transport Association’s new weather warning service.

The service offers up-to-date information on traffic and weather conditions that might affect transport operators.

It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing vital amber and red winter weather alerts.

Daily updates give information on UK road traffic and weather conditions affecting freight operations, with additional alerts on severe incidents.

There are also advance warnings of any severe weather forecasts issued by the Met Office.

The website also contains valuable advice on operating in poor weather conditions, such as the importance of operators ensuring vehicles are properly kitted out for wintry conditions.

For delivery fleets, when conditions are severe operators should consider contacting customers to discuss delivery expectations and prioritise to keep fleet services running as efficiently as possible


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