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Cappagh is a civil engeering firm that’s just added 20 new Canters to its small fleet. Cappagh works across London where the Canter’s combination of manoeuvrability and payload are invaluable

FOR a 7.5-tonner, the Fuso Canter is compact and easy to manoeuvre, especially on duty around built-up areas.

It’s one of the reasons we made it our Best Builder’s Truck in the Business Vans Awards.

It’s this compact ‘footprint’ that appealed to Wimbledon-based Cappagh. The civil engineering group has just taken delivery of 20 Canter &C15s from the Heathrow branch of Rygor.

it will carry about half a tonne more than we’d get on a conventional 7.5-tonner

The Fuso Canter has also impressed Cappagh with it’s market-leading,  payload capacity.

Plant Manager John Gormley told Business Vans: “The Canter is not too big, so relatively easy to manoeuvre in congested areas. And at 3900kg it will carry about half a tonne more than we’d get on a conventional 7.5-tonner, which represents a big ‘win’ in terms of productivity.”

Rygor, Britain’s largest Mercedes-Benz Dealer, took 15 older Canters in part exchange from Cappagh, which is still running another 10 Canters it bought in 2012.

The 20 new Canters have been acquired with a flexible Agility funding package from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

The package offers the benefits of conventional hire purchase with a Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) that gives operators additional options at the end of the contract term.

Under the plan, customers have the choice of paying off the final lump sum and keeping the vehicle, using the vehicle as a part exchange for a new replacement, or they can return the vehicle without any obligation (apart from the usual excess mileage charge if the initially agreed limit has been exceeded, and damage charges over and above fair wear and tear).

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