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Leasing company GE has just gained accreditation to the Van Excellence scheme run by the FTA

Van Excellence: high standards for van operators

GE Capital Fleet Services first leasing company to win Van Excellence

IF YOU want a leasing company that has the stamp of excellence on it – then take a look at GE Capital Fleet Services.

It’s the first vehicle leasing company to receive the industry-leading Van Excellence accreditation which is operated and audited by the Freight Transport Association.

Van Excellence is designed to set demanding targets covering all aspects of van operations including key areas such as driver behaviour, vehicle safety and maintenance, environmental impact and risk assessment.

Introduced a little over a year ago, Van Excellence is supported by van manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ford and Nissan, and has been adopted by a number of the major corporate fleets.

Eddie Parker, LCV consultant at GE Capital Fleet Services, said that achieving Van Excellence had involved a comprehensive exercise over the course of this year, looking at GE’s LCV operating processes in detail.

He explained: “We are delighted to be the first leasing company to achieve the Van Excellence standard. This has proved a very useful exercise as we constantly re-examine our light commercial vehicle operations from top to bottom to ensure continuous improvement. To have done this with the FTA’s expert guidance and input has been invaluable.

“Van Excellence also gives assurance to existing and potential customers that we meet the highest industry standards when it comes to our van fleet.”

Richard White, the FTA’s Van Project Leader, added: “It is very pleasing to be able to welcome GE Capital, Fleet Services to our list of accredited Van Excellence fleets, especially as they are one of the leading players in the vehicle leasing sector.”

What is Van Excellence?

Van Excellence is an industry-led initiative that aims to:

  • enhance standards of van operator compliance
  • celebrate operators who demonstrate excellence
  • represent the interests of the van industry

Operators of the scheme, the FTA, says it’s relevant to van operators of all sizes.

Benefits include:

  • increased safety for your drivers and other road users
  • recognition from the industry, customer and public for the highest operating standards
  • peace of mind in the legal compliance of your van fleet

If you want to know more about Van Excellence, visit the FTA’s special site:

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