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The Ape Cross Racing delighted the crowd at Brookland’s recent Italian Day

EVER considered a whacky run-around for your business? Well, they don’t come much whackier than the Piaggio Ape – the quirky Italian three-wheeled pick-up.

And now Piaggio’s newest dealer, Surrey-based Mach-V, has launched a sporty version called Ape Cross Racing, which it introduced at the recent Auto Italia Italian Day event at Brooklands, in Weybridge, Surrey.

The standard model is powered by a 49cc engine, but Mach-V has fitted the Racing version with a 102cc unit from scooter-tuning firm Malossi.

Mach-V Piaggio Ape is a whacky racer
The Piaggio Ape Cross Racing has a 102cc engine, instead of the standard 49cc unit. Roll cage comes as standard

Further modifications include lowered suspension and bespoke body panels for extreme racing. The standard Ape Cross is already equipped with a roll cage and handlebars.

At the Italian Day, according to Mach-V, the Ape Cross Racing ‘hurtled’ up the Test Hill at Brooklands, much to the crowd’s enthusiastic cheering. The Piaggio is also set to take part in a new, dedicated Ape racing series, which kicks off at Rye House Kart Circuit in Hoddeston on 9 June.

Mach-V owner Malcolm Machu told Business Vans: “The standard Ape is a fantastic proposition for those who need a flexible commercial vehicle with a healthy injection of personality, low price and maintenance costs.

“The Racing version is a fun way to show and exploit the Ape’s potential, not just as a business van but also as an inexpensive runaround.”

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